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You're a towel

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Here at Fuckedurmom.com, we've compiled a collection of beautiful pictures and texts featuring Cody, the king of... something somewhere i'm sure. Please prepare yourself, I learned HTML for this shit. Oh and don't forget, you're a towel :)


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I've had the platinum plan for a couple months now, and let me just say... I have gotten MORE than my moneys worth, Cody's mom is a 10/10 Peter
I don't usually buy into these kinds of things, but I just couldn't resist Cody's mom, I have the basic plan now, but I will for sure be getting Platinum soon! Tim
I mean is there really much to say? You came to this website for a purpose and let me tell you, my purpose was DEEPLY fulfilled. It all started when I was on an excruciatingly long car ride with Peter and we found this domain for sale. Without a second thought I snatched it up. Over the past couple months I taught myself HTML and now here we are... Cody, I hope you are also deeply fulfilled - Merry Christmas
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Welcome to Fuckedurmom.com

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Common questions

Here are some of the most common questions that we get.
What is the purpose of this website? The purpose of this website is to create a funny and entertaining experience for Cody, filled with inside jokes and humor.
Why did you choose the domain name 'fuckedyourmom.com'? The domain name was chosen as an exaggerated and humorous way to continue the ongoing 'your mom' jokes between Cody and his friends.
Who is Cody? Cody is not just a coworker, but a friend who shares a playful banter of 'your mom' jokes with his inmates
What is the significance of the inside joke 'you're a towel'? The inside joke 'you're a towel' is a humorous reference that adds to the overall comedic experience of the website.
What can I expect to find on this website? The website will feature funny pictures of Cody with accompanying text, as well as a link to a surprise video ;)
Did I actually fuck Cody's mom? Not yet-